So it’s summertime. I’ve taken two classes this summer and it’s the first time I’ve ever taken summer school. I spent a month in Atlanta taking class at Agnes Scott (I’m a scottie!) and I’ve been taking a class online. I’m an English and Dance major – it really can’t get much better than a Chem Lab online!

Anyway, so I’m home in Orlando and I’ve pretty much lost interest in doing anything but going to the gym. That’s not true. I still have interest in things, but these interests are impossible with a six year old. My niece is here with my parents and I while my sister is traveling. She’s six, which is an interesting age. I remember being six but I don’t really know what six year olds are supposed to behave like. My mom says she’s difficult, but I don’t know. She’s…tough. She likes shrimp and cookies, I think. She likes computer games. She doesn’t very much enjoy sitting still but she’s a great swimmer for six.

This wasn’t supposed to be a post about my niece. The point is that I’ve been babysitting a lot. Quite a lot. I wasn’t the type of kid to take on babysitting jobs when I was younger, or even know. People say I’m good with kids but it’s just never been something I’m interested in. So it’s been…interesting. Other than that I go to the gym everyday. An hour of cardio and weights, sauna and steam room, and swimming. It’s nice.

I hate the word “boyfriend”. I don’t like referring to my “boyfriend” as my “boyfriend” because the word sounds so juvenile. But what else can I call him? Regardless, he’s driving down to Orlando tomorrow. I’ve got big plans for the next few days! Canoeing, Disney, maybe the beach. One of the perks of living in a tourist town, one of few mind you, is that there’s so much to do when people visit. Sure- I’ve been to Disney and Universal at least once a year since infancy but it’s fun for people who’ve never been. Speaking of Universal, I have a seasonal job there, but I haven’t been working this summer. The epitome of a job for a college kid – they only need me on in the summer and winter breaks so I’ve always got a job waiting for me.

I’ve rambled on far too long. Hopefully in the future the things I say will be more coherent.

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