The six year old.


So today my niece, my mom and I went to the gym today. There are two pools at our gym – one inside and one outside. The one inside is a) in air conditioning, and b) ALWAYS ten degrees or more colder than the outside pool. For this reason, we swim in the outside pool. So my niece played, I swam and my mom relaxed. I noticed my niece opening her eyes underwater and I warned her against the cholrine and how it would hurt in her eyes and of course she did not heed. We left the pool and her eyes were bloodshot. My mom brushed it off so I figured it was no big deal. It wasn’t until we got into the car that she began wailing “I’M SICK I CAN’T SEE I’M SICK MY EYES ARE BURNING I’M SICK I HAVE ALLERGIES I’M SICK”. Well damn, I’m a terrible aunt, I laughed. The wailing continued for almost 2 hours. After which, her eyes were perfectly fine.

Like mother, like daughter – quite the drama queen 🙂

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