homeless people


A few days ago, outside the local Wal-mart I saw a man, his bike, and his dog standing outside begging for food/money. I always feel sorry for homeless people out of instinct but then I looked a bit closer at him. His shoes were brand new. He had a kids tent with wheels attached to his bike that I assume was for the dog. He wasn’t unshaven. He just didn’t seem very homeless.

A few years ago there was a special on 20/20 or 60 minutes about uncovering homeless people. There were people on this show who proudly announced that they were not homeless, they were not hungry and they did not need but that being homeless was like a job for them. I remember one man saying he banked 180 to 200 dollars a day begging and didn’t pay taxes, had no overhead costs and went home to a beachfront condo every night. Are you kidding me?

This makes me really skeptical of homeless people and I feel bad but at the same time, HOW DARE YOU USE A CUTE LITTLE PUPPY AS A DECOY TO FEED YOUR CRACK HABITS WHILE YOU DON’T PAY TAXES AND DON’T WORK?

In other news, I love trampolines.


3 thoughts on “homeless people

  1. Ankush

    I saw a homeless guy in Italy who had a bike with a basket in front. (Now that I think about it, maybe he wasn’t homeless lol.) Anyway, there was a pillow in it, and two really cute puppies.

    I love how puppies will love you unconditionally, as long as you show them you care.

  2. It’s because animals are better than people. People hold grudges and are greedy. If we lived like the animals there’d never be war. The system that they live by is the circle of life – not politics, not greed, not any of that bullshit

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