one headlight


Does anyone remember The Wallflowers? Apparently my subconscious decided this morning would be a throw back to the 90’s. Kid Cruz from Orlando’s XL 106.7 was holding a contest for whoever could “finish those lyrics” and I decided to enter it. All of a sudden I was sitting in a field of vegetables growing. The contest called for you to meet around a pool with a whiteboard that you were supposed to write the lyrics on. I kept writing words that weren’t the lyrics and I kept singing the words but I couldn’t make myself write them down. Then I stared drawing pictures on my board but still couldn’t get the lyrics out.

Hey, hey, heyyyyyy
Come on try a little,
Nothing is forever,
There’s got to be something better than
In the middle
But me and cinderella
put it all together
And we can drive it home
with one headlight.

Now this song is echoing endlessly in my head. I need some rice crispies. NOMNOMNOM LOL If you happen to feel like listening to this song because it reminds you of the 90’s, look at my Vod thing on the sidebar – I posted the video!

Today I’ll be taking the six year old and Ankush to a trampoline warehouse so I’ll have to take a photo to let you know how that goes.


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