is not, by the way, a warm gun. It will henceforth be referred to as Yogurt Tap. I cannot express to you what kind of happiness Yogurt Tap brings me. The degree to which I feel happiness is so immense that I feel so inclined to refer to it as happiness itself, as though it is the actual feeling and emotion solidified before me.

Today, I went to Yogurt Tap for the first time since June and I almost died, ambushed with happiness, spoon in hand. Inside my white cup was a mix of strawberry, key lime and raspberry yogurt all soft and smooth and mixed together like white on rice with each other. The strawberries on top mixed with the long strands of sweet coconut and joined in the melty goodness.

The tantalizing tartness of the yogurt against the slippery sweetness of the fruit was almost too much for me to handle. I felt it melt on my tongue, slide down my throat and then make its final descent into my stomach and I heaved a sigh. I had been waiting for this.

From the gray, cement floors, to the blue, exposed pipe ceilings, I can’t express my love for this place and the delightful treat they provide me with words of this earth. I may have to call upon the divine…

Or I may have to return tomorrow.

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