travel channel.


I harbor an incredible amount of love the the Travel Channel and I really can’t help myself. It’s an addiction and I can’t seem to get myself away from it. I didn’t have cable for much of the summer so I suffered from some withdrawal symptoms like obsessively checking the travel channel website to see if they had any information that could give me my fix.

Hah. What a freak.

Anyway, since I’ve come back to school I’ve been watching the travel channel again. Today I got sucked into a marathon of Man vs. Food. I used to be grossed out by this show but one day I started watching it and I wasn’t able to stop. There’s something about a man shoveling a stack of 13 inch pancakes in his mouth that drew me in. Anyway, today I got caught up in watching.

I could never be a competitive eater. Oh hell no. You know what would happen? I would start one of these challenges, my body would reject what I was giving it and I’d vom. All over the place. Not exactly MVF worthy – but charming in it’s own manner. I watched Adam shovel omelette, burrito, fiery hot wings and pancakes into his gluttonous jaws and I felt my eyes growing wide. I turned to Ankush and said, I’m hungry.

He asked me what I wanted to eat and then I snapped back into reality. Are you joking? We just ate like two hours ago. I’m not actually hungry I’m just being sucked into American Consumerism and by watching this my brain is trying to convince me that I want to eat.

He laughed at me and we went back to our semi-coma in front of the television.

For those unfamiliar with MVF, check out the video on my vodpod in the sidebar!

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