The last 24 hours have probably been the longest in my entire life. I had classes yesterday and around 7pm I left the ATL, New Jersey bound for my cousins wedding. So many strange things happened along the way.

First of all, we crossed Georgia horizontally and took like 4 hours, which was way too long for me, then we stopped just past Greenville, SC to get a bite to eat around 11. We went to Burger King – a, because it was open and b, because my niece would actually eat something from there. The people that worked there were ridiculous. The woman who took my order rang up half the wrong things, charged 8 dollars too much on my debit card then yelled for her manager that she screwed something up and walked away from the counter while I waited there for five minutes just standing like an idiot. I like my veggie burger the way I like my veggie burger and the girl who was making them for my mom and I asked the girl who screwed up the charge if what she had was correct and the girl goes “I UNNO JUST MAKE IT” Oh, okay.

After that fiasco things were quite calm for a bit. As the night wore on, my contacts grew drier, and my patience wore thin. By 3am I was gripping the wheel, willing myself to stay awake and singing anything and everything upbeat on my mp3 player. All the trucks kind of piled themselves into the right lane so I drove in the left. I kept my brights on because I couldn’t see a damn thing because we were driving through mountain valley’s in North Carolina and Virigina and semi’s kept honking at me and trying to cut me off.

That’s not even the worse part. We finally pull into Virginia (the LONGEST STATE EVER) and THERE ARE MOUNTAINS. We literally drive up and down mountains for something like 3 hours. During this time I kept my brights on because I DIDN’T WANT TO PLUNGE HEAD FIRST OFF THE ALUMINUM RAILING INTO THE BLACK ABYSS OF NIGHT. So a truck driver cuts me off with his semi, then switches lanes, then gets behind me, and follows me all the way up a mountain, at least fifteen minutes, flashing his brights at me the whole time.

I HATE truck drivers. Seriously? I’m in a Civic, I’m like a tenth of your size and I’m trying to SEE going up a fucking mountain. Chill.

By 4:30 I need a powernap. We pull off to a rest stop and my niece and the dog (who have been snoozing this whole time) wake up and start harassing my mom and I as we try to get some shut eye so we can stay awake the rest of the night. I finally get so pissed at the dog stepping all over me that I just drive off after about 15 minutes. I chug coffee and Monster and keep my hands on the wheel.

By 5:30 we finally enter West Virginia, and charge through to Pennsylvania. Here we make good timing up until we pass Harrisburg. The ENTIRITY of I78 is CLOSED OFF for about 8 miles and there are all these signs for detours that in essence led nowhere. We went around in circles trying to follow detour signs for four hours. FOUR HOURS. At this point I was TANGRY as hell. After we found I78 and crossed into New Jersey it was smooth sailing all the way to my aunt’s house. And now I am here. And I need a nap.


5 thoughts on “travels

    • Seriously, I never want to drive long distance again at night. I can drive for fourteen hours while it’s light out but like there are NO lights on I 81 through the entire VIRIGINA and every so often you look to the edge of the road and you see a few beads of light waaaaaaay down in the valley!

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