I’ve been home for a little over a week now and it’s been nice so far. I’ve been knitting a lot because I still haven’t finished the baby blanket I started a few months ago (keep in mind I’m knitting cotton on size 6 needles, for any knitters out there). It’s tough. Anyway, I decided to start a mini arts and crafts project while I’m working on the blanket. I’m super corny and super unoriginal but it was fun!

I bought a bunch of huge pink, plastic flowers. They’re really lovely.

Then I got my pens and floral tape out.


And with some taping and cutting and fun times, viola! Flower pens!



Cute right? I’m also going to teach myself some more knitting techniques today. Full-time job starts on Wednesday so I would like to take advantage of this time I have!


And just for kicks, because she’s a cutie…

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