So, maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe you haven’t, but I have a sort of dorky and off-beat sense of humor…and sense of amusement. I like to laugh. My sister came to visit for a little bit last Thursday and she gave me a gift that is so completely fitting that I just have to share.

She gave me a keychain of a moose…WITH MOVING LEGS. The legs are on pins and they wobble back and forth and if you shake the chain just a little it looks like the moose is galloping!! bwahahah I’m so in love.

She also keeps trying to convince me it’s a reindeer because they “have those in Utah, you know.”


THIS is a moose

and THIS is a reindeer.


Thanks, sister!


P.S. check out the new Page on my blog called “Favourite Things”. I’ll periodically be adding things I find online that I absolutely adore and want to share.

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