new years.


So New Years came and went and I decided not to force myself to make any kind of resolutions. I’m the type to make a list of things I want to accomplish and one by one either do them or get so discouraged that I don’t even bother.

So I gave up on it.

But here’s the cool thing. Once I stopped anticipating coming up with a really cool Resolution with a capital R, I figured out something I really would like to accomplish.

As you all know, Eat Pray Love is one of my favourite books out there right now so I’m taking some advice from Liz to create my resolution. In the first section of the book, based in Italy, she meets a lot of people while in Italy. She gets to talking to some of them about responsibility and obligation and realizes that in Italy there is a mindset that it’s okay to have enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing and enjoy finding pleasure in those things. As an American, I can recognize that our society is over-worked, over-fed, and generally over-indulgent. But to reign the indulgence in and find pleasure in little things, like taking a walk or window shopping, I think as an American, is a skill I’m going to have to hone in on.

So that is what I’m going to do. I’m going to take time to enjoy my life. School is important, work is important, but enjoying things is even more important. I don’t want to be the old person in the hospital saying, “I wish I’d gone to Rio.”


Happy New Year!

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