if it’s love.


Everyday I receive a poem in my email from Poets.org because the best way to become a better writer is to read. Today, I suppose in honor of Valentine’s Day, was a poem by the master of language, John Donne. He’s written some of the most lyrical and beautiful love poetry in history; this doesn’t surprise me as he had 12 (I think?) children with the same woman (which I recently learned this weekend). The poem for today is Lovers’ Infiniteness and it really made my morning.

Lovers’ Infiniteness
by John Donne 

If yet I have not all the love,
Dear, I shall never have it all,
I cannot breathe one other sigh, to move,
Nor can entreat one other tear to fall.
All my treasure, which should purchase thee,
Sighs, tears, and oaths, and letters I have spent,
Yet no more can be due to me,
Than at the bargain made was meant.
If then thy gift of love were partial,
That some to me, some should to others fall,
Dear, I shall never have thee all.

Or if then thou gavest me all,
All was but all, which thou hadst then;
But if in thy heart, since, there be or shall
New love created be, by other men,
Which have their stocks entire, and can in tears,
In sighs, in oaths, and letters outbid me,
This new love may beget new fears,
For, this love was not vowed by thee.
And yet it was, thy gift being general,
The ground, thy heart is mine; whatever shall
Grow there, dear, I should have it all.

Yet I would not have all yet,
He that hath all can have no more,
And since my love doth every day admit
New growth, thou shouldst have new rewards in store;
Thou canst not every day give me thy heart,
If thou canst give it, then thou never gav’st it;
Love’s riddles are, that though thy heart depart,
It stays at home, and thou with losing sav’st it:
But we will have a way more liberal,
Than changing hearts, to join them, so we shall
Be one, and another’s all.

Anyway, on the subject of love and mushy stuff, I’ve been listening to Train obsessively lately because I think their songs are sweet. I don’t care how trite “Hey Soul Sister” is or how mushy “If It’s Love” is, I love Train. And the boyfran, cause he’s kind of awesome.

I confess you are the best thing in my life.
But I’m afraid when I hear stories about a husband and wife
There’s no happy endings, no Henry Lee
But you are the greatest thing about me.
If it’s love,
And we decide that it’s forever
No one else could do it better.
If it’s love,
And we’re two birds of a feather
Then the rest is just whenever,

And if I’m addicted to loving you
And you’re addicted to my love too
We can be them two birds of a feather that flock together

Happy Valentine’s Day / Happy One-Week Until My Birthday Day!!!!

I ❤ Train