I could use your help…


First, I changed the layout yippee! The new layout kind of has something to do with what I’m about to ask for help with…

This Summer I’m trying to study abroad in Sorrento, Italy and I could really use your (the universe’s) help to make it happen. The program I’m trying to go on is a Dance Intensive in which I would have the opportunity to take Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Pilates and Yoga everyday and then learn Repertory from the Staibdance company. At the end of the two weeks I would be a part of a public performance in Sorrento, showcasing the work I’d done in those two weeks.
Here is where you, faithful readers, come in — There isn’t a lot of funding for the Arts out there, and much less for education in the summer. I’m applying for scholarships and grants as we speak, but it’s tough getting funding for Dance — People don’t seem to yet understand that it is an academic field of study.

This trip is going to cost me upwards of $3600 USD (including tuition, airfare and accommodations) and I could use your help to get there! A dollar, 5 dollars, your loose change, anything will help!

There are lots of ways you can do this — You can send me a check written out to me, send me a money order, leave any of those things in my mailbox (594) if you’re a Scottie, give it directly to me, or go through PayPal (which is probably the most secure option)!

Going on this trip to better myself as a dancer, performer and choreographer would mean so much more to me and ultimately, get me a step closer to achieving my goals 🙂

If you have any questions let me know!

Thank you all so very very much!!!!!!!!!!! Every penny will help 🙂

Instructions for Paypal
I’m not very good at using paypal SO if you know more about it and have a shortcut for these directions let me know!!

Go to paypal.com
on the top bar you’ll see a drop-down menu that says “Send money”
Click on that menu then select the option for “Send money online”
Once you get to that page there are three steps to follow.
My email address is bhumi.b.patel@gmail.com (which you’ll need to enter in Step 2 I believe)

twenty one.


I turned 21 about 2 weeks ago. This is supposed to be a monumental occasion in a persons life because you’re allowed to legally consume alcohol…and that’s about it. What I think is interesting is where the age 21 actually came from. Because it seems rather arbitrary. Why are you any different at 21 than you were at 20 or will be at 22? What does 21 really mean?

Sure there are groups and organizations who believe that at 21 you’ve reached a level of maturity that suggests you can be responsible and take care of your self and make good life choices, but reality suggests that some people at 15 can do that, and some people at 55 still can’t do that.

I haven’t been able to find any hard evidence for this, but this is what my Theory of Knowledge teacher said my senior year of high school, on where the age 21 came from. In Medieval Europe, 21 was a monumental age. At age 7 you became a page and were sent to a village to learn the fighting skills required. At 14, this child became a squire and continued his education on becoming a knight. At this point he is given to a knight and kind of acts as his personal assistant. At ripe old age of 21, he was then able to be come a knight.

And that’s where the age 21 comes from. See, it seems rather dated and useless, but I guess people still think it is applicable!

At any rate, I turned 21. I could be a knight. Awesome, now I just need to find a suit of armor.