dream come true.


My Summer Study Abroad trip Dream has COME TRUE! I had been applying for scholarships and awards and grants but nothing had come through yet. Friends and family had been sending monies my way and all of it was much appreciated, but I was still only about a third of the way there.

I applied for a scholarship with the Classics Department at my college because I’m studying in Italy and I’ve taken Latin and I studied a great deal about Roman history because I think it’s fascinating. I had emailed the director of the scholarship and she seemed skeptical about me being able to receive much, but she said that I’d definitely be able to get something since I’ve taken Classics courses and I’m going to a Classics related environment.

The application said that awards could be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand, so I figured I would get a prize on the lower end of the spectrum if I got anything at all because I’m sure people go abroad and study Greek or Latin and Greek or Roman Civilization or Art or things more prevalent to the scholarship than studying Modern Dance (albeit, just kilometers from Pompeii — one of the most amazing historical sites EVER).

I went to the award ceremony yesterday and they announced some of the scholarships and there was one other Scholarship like mine and she was awarded the maximum amount of scholarship money. She explained that she’ll be going to Florence, Italy to study Art History and Latin, and I was really happy for her! If I were going abroad through a college I would definitely study Latin. When they finally called my name, I crossed my fingers as she was announcing how much my award was for, hoping for at least a few hundred dollars to put towards my tuition.

The professor announced that I too had received a scholarship in the highest denomination of the award.

I felt like Kate Winselt winning an Oscar.

I seriously wanted to cry. I was in complete shock and disbelief. I had been having some doubts about being able to go on this trip, purely for financial reasons but I’m officially going to be able to go on this trip because of this scholarship. I even feel like crying just writing about it here. I’m still going to have to do some fundraising for the difference, but the difference is small compared to what I needed.

Thank you again to everyone, everyone who has helped me. I can’t believe this is actually happening.

Love love love love love

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