“Everything is clearer when you’re in love.”

Shout out to John Lennon for today’s inspiration. First, two posts in one day? Aren’t you all lucky ducks? I saw this quote and after having a beautiful discussion/conversation/reaffirmation with one of my best friends in the entire world this morning, I realized something. I realized that this quote needs something added on to the end. “with yourself.” Everything is clearer when you’re in love with yourself.

Self-love is an imperative that many people forget when they’re loving others. Myself included. I believe that I am a lover, not a fighter, and because of that love channeled so powerfully toward others, I have in the past lost sight of the love that I need to feel for myself.

Recently, I’ve been re-exploring self-love and what is absolutely brilliant is the fact that I’ve never been so sure of myself than I have been since I started learning to love myself in all my flaws and awesomeness. I know what I want, I know what I need, and guess what? I’m having a hell of a good time in my final year of undergraduate work. I have been identifying the people who most reinforce this self-love and those are the people who, I believe, will continue to empower this feeling in me.

I’m beginning to feel the glimmers of confidence in places where there was none before: my writing, my dancing…the things at which I spend every day working. I am learning this through loving myself.

So, thanks John Lennon, for articulating why things are getting clearer for me.

Love, B



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