fall, or autumn.


This past weekened I celebrated a great accomplishment in my life. I performed in Danceworks 2011 with the student performing ensemble here at school and had the opportunity to not only perform, but to rehearsal assist a piece in the show, choreograph a piece in the show, and set a ballet variation from the Labanotation score. This weekend and this morning I’ve received so much positive feedback on campus from my peers, my professors, and administrators on campus. I can’t begin to express the overwhelming feelings of love and joy I’ve had.


(And my name was on a freakin’ poster! how badass is that?!)


This week is also the week of Thanksgiving break. Getting myself to classes and to do homework has been a bit problematic. I just want to sit around and enjoy the beauty that I am experiencing the afterglow of while drinking tea and baking wonderful things.

Or maybe go tree climbing.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Fall?


This is the first year ever that I’m not going to be home for Thanksgiving. At first I was sad that I wouldn’t be going home, watching Iron Man with the whole family, and putting up the Christmas tree on Thursday, but I’ve been invited so many places Thursday that it just reaffirms what a sense of community I’ve built here in Atlanta. It doesn’t make up for not going home, but I did get to see my parents this past weekend, and I can get a head start on my finals and all those icky things.

I’m not sure where I’ll be going on Thursday as of yet, but wherever I go I’ll be certain to bring a gift of something to contribute to the table. Namely, something gluten-free. My sister has been on this gluten free wagon for a while and tells me how wonderful her body feels from it, so I’m going to take this initiative to try a gluten free stuffing (found here) and a gluten free pie (here). Won’t my sister bear be proud?! I certainly hope so! (…well depending on how it turns out)


Here’s to giving many, many thanks for all the wonderfulness that makes me almost burst at the seams in my life.

big, big love.


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