unofficial attraction


Christmas was amazing. I got to spend a few days with my sister and niece in Virginia. I can’t even put into words how wonderful it was to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family. I was sorely missing my other sister though. I’ve already decided that we’re all going to be together next year. It’s imperative. Tuesday my mom and I drove back to Florida.

my niece, seeing that santa had come while she was sleeping

Yesterday marked the end of “Christmas” for me because I got my last “present” of the year. It wasn’t really a present, more like the presence of two wonderful friends. I got to spend the day at Disney with Dan, who came to visit Orlando from Iowa by way of St. Augustine, and Caroline, who now lives in Orlando and works at Disney, but since I’m never home for long I only get to see her a few times every few months instead of EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (which is not fair at all.)

We began the day at Animal Kingdom. We got Fast Passes for Everest, went through Dinoland, rode a few rides, and then enjoyed the beauty of The Festival of Lion King. This is the BEST thing ever. There were tumblemonkeys, simba, and sorry friends, you play some Lion King tunes and who will be singing along? This Guy.

Dan and I at Dinoland!


After that we wandered around, went on Everest at our Fast Pass time and had lunch in Asia. It was fantastic. Afterwards we headed over to the Boardwalk to go the cheater way into Epcot and avoid the Epcot parking lot. I love the Boardwalk, it’s so cozy and beautiful and calm, and I’d much rather be there than in the parks sometimes.

the three of us on the boardwalk ❤

Finally, we arrived at Epcot. Epcot is my absolute favourite of the Disney parks. I’m not sure why, I just love Test Track, and Soarin’ and Mission Space OH MY! We tried to get fast passes, ride single rider, get on anything but the park was so packed, and we just weren’t willing to wait two hours to get on anything. We had our first ciders and rode Nemo. We knew we had to return to the UK for another drink though. We did get to see Captain EO though, which is all you really need 😉

Then we decided to partake in the best unofficial attraction Epcot has to offer: drinking around the world. We began with ciders and beers in the UK. You can see in the background of this photo why we had to return here (re: the very good looking British bartender named Mo).

Mo. The bartender.

Then met Alice so Dan could get a picture with his favourite Disney woman, and then moved to France where we had delicious slushies! They were so delicious and beautiful, and we had funnel cake when we walked over to America and the day just kept getting more and more beautiful.

Caroline, Remy, and I

We continued around the world, drinking in Japan, Germany, and by the time we got to Mexico we were all done. We rode the Mexico ride and headed out of the park, speaking poetry for our friend Mo. After Disney we hit Taco Bell, and World of Beer where I had the most delicious lambic beer.

It was the most beautiful day. Correction: I’ve had the most beautiful last seven days.


Love, B


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