where it hurts


This morning as I opened the web browser at work I was assaulted by an article similar to this one about the conflict in Gaza. The headline reads: Death toll rises as Israeli military assaults Gaza Strip.

This is in no way a “news” or “political” blog, and to be perfectly honest, I can barely wrap my head around this conflict.

There are a few things I can wrap my head around, though.

1) I can wrap my head around the fact that Tweets like this are heartbreaking, and a family should never have to feel this way

2) I can wrap my head around the fact that it is fucked up that CNN had to post this article about children killed in this assault. Parents having to see their own children die. Nothing, nothing is worth that.

My heart goes out to the children and families in Gaza right now. To the reporters putting themselves in danger after Israel announced that they are cutting all telecommunication to and from Gaza. To people all over the world who have family that are caught in this mess.

Massacres happen this way. Genocide happens this way.

My basic understanding is that this conflict (as so many others) revolves around religion. I believe I will continue to struggle with reconciling this for the rest of my days on Earth, but how, how can you massacre and bomb civilians in the name of your deity? How can you take the lives of others in the name of organized religion? How does that follow any of the teachings of the religion that you practice?

I don’t know what reasons the people that are dropping bombs can produce, but I don’t know that I’d even be able to accept or empathize with them. Killing innocent people is never the answer.

My heart is heavy tonight looking over news stories and trying to figure out what it all means. I am sad that people, for whom this conflict means nothing, are caught in the cross-fire. I’m weary of the world in which we live. I am scared for the reporters and correspondants who are risking their lives because Israel cut off communication. I’m thankful that I, and my loved ones, are safe at this time, and I wish that for those in Gaza. I’m fearful that the death toll (which right now is 100 according to WP) will continue to rise. Finally, I am praying for a solution to come into affect as soon as possible.

Blessed Union of Souls told us in the nineties, but maybe we need a reminder: Love is the answer.

Egyptian protest in Cairo.

To me, this is a problem:

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, on Sunday threatened to expand the assault on Hamas-run Gaza as the Jewish state pressed ahead with a fifth day of strikes, killing six people including four children as truce efforts intensified. (here.)

This cannot continue. Let us continue to hope and pray for this conflict to end.

Love, B

I’m sorry that I never met you, and I’m sorry that we never touched.

When you’re broken, you forget there’s so much more. 

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