Today, I was talking to my mom about the plan I’ve come up with for the next five years. I want to get a Masters for both of my majors and I was explaining to her how I want to work for/dance for a company while I’m getting the first one and then go back to school when I’m done with that and maybe get a certificate in Labanotation notating and reading. I finished explaining all of this and my niece looks at me and says

You know, maybe after you’re done with school you can get a job at Wal-Mart…because they have lots of job available, you know?

Back-up Plan #7…Complete.

the six year old. cont.


She’s in that phase where anytime she doesn’t understand what someone says she repeats it and puts the word you in front.

Now this would be all well and good except for the fact that everything she repeats botched versions of Gujurati words.

Let me give some examples and their translations

You bouk lage che

You I am hungry

You tandu pani

You cold water

You cavanu pathegu

You food is ready

You mai be hoon

You I am here

LOL I really don’t have any more words on this topic – I think it speaks for itself.

two canoes.


So one of the great things about Central Florida is that there are a few State Parks quite close. Today we attempted to conquer Wekiwa State Park. The morning started out beautifully. I woke, ate pancakes, packed a cooler full of a delicious lunch and half a watermelon. Of course, there were cans of La Croix in there as well (shameless advertising – I for reals can’t live without this water). Anyway, thirty minute ride down the highway and 8 miles into the woods, we drove into the state park. We inhaled the swampy, damp air and were on our way.

We decided to begin the morning with a canoe ride. I hadn’t been in a canoe in over ten years and no one else had been canoeing. Note: the people involved were my mom, the six year old, and “the boyfran”. We excitedly approached the woman at the canoe rental. She promptly told us that it was three people to a canoe so we’d have to get two. After some argument, and convincing my mom that it was safe and she wasn’t going to drown or get eaten by an alligator or algae we rented two canoes.

The unhelpful attendant at the place where we picked up the canoes sent us on our way and we were in the water. My mom and I were in one boat, the boyfran and the six year old were in the other. At first it was easy. I was sitting in the back and in charge of steering and we only ran into….five…or maybe ten trees. We spotted an alligator and my mom freaked out. Awesome.

So we spent about an hour on the river and after that we were tired, sweaty and starving. (okay, I was starving.) We decided to go for a refreshing dip in the spring. Yeah….refreshing. 70 degrees in the sun is refreshing.

As an older man and his son exited from the ramp that we were blocking he said, “just go for it.” So I did. I came to the surface, heart racing, blurred vision and scared for my life. After that it got better. My mom refused to come in because it was so cold but after a while we got used to it. Then it was lunch time. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

We had a lovely picnic and stuffed to satisfaction we retreated to the sunny hill overlooking the spring. I thought I was going to die, I ate so much. My mom napped in the shade, the six year old ran around and harassed the boyfran and I laid on my bright pink towel.

I went for another refreshing swim in the spring. But this time the six year old was shivering and her teeth were chattering, so we decided to call it a day.

My arms hurt, so much, and yes: I would like some cheese with that whine.

The six year old.


So today my niece, my mom and I went to the gym today. There are two pools at our gym – one inside and one outside. The one inside is a) in air conditioning, and b) ALWAYS ten degrees or more colder than the outside pool. For this reason, we swim in the outside pool. So my niece played, I swam and my mom relaxed. I noticed my niece opening her eyes underwater and I warned her against the cholrine and how it would hurt in her eyes and of course she did not heed. We left the pool and her eyes were bloodshot. My mom brushed it off so I figured it was no big deal. It wasn’t until we got into the car that she began wailing “I’M SICK I CAN’T SEE I’M SICK MY EYES ARE BURNING I’M SICK I HAVE ALLERGIES I’M SICK”. Well damn, I’m a terrible aunt, I laughed. The wailing continued for almost 2 hours. After which, her eyes were perfectly fine.

Like mother, like daughter – quite the drama queen 🙂