Today, I was talking to my mom about the plan I’ve come up with for the next five years. I want to get a Masters for both of my majors and I was explaining to her how I want to work for/dance for a company while I’m getting the first one and then go back to school when I’m done with that and maybe get a certificate in Labanotation notating and reading. I finished explaining all of this and my niece looks at me and says

You know, maybe after you’re done with school you can get a job at Wal-Mart…because they have lots of job available, you know?

Back-up Plan #7…Complete.

black cat.


It’s been a minute since I’ve had a chance to update. I go to a Women’s College, for those who didn’t know. We have some crazy traditions – you get thrown in a pond if you get engaged, you’re not allowed to walk on the grass, you get your class ring your sophomore year – but nothing is crazier than what commences once a year and lasts a week. (And don’t get me wrong – I say crazy with the utmost affection)

Every year we have Black Cat Week. Our mascot is not a black cat, in case that was your next question. This week is filled with class parties, trivia night, decorating the campus in our class colors, dancing around a bonfire, coming up with and performing songs and dances about our class and finally ends, on Saturday night, with formal. In many ways it’s like homecoming week, but it’s just so much more than homecoming.

Perhaps some contextual background would help. Years ago there was hazing going on between the upper classes and the first years. A nurse, or maybe a professor, I’m not sure, decided to create a friendly competition between the classes. The class who won would have her black cat to live on their resident hall for the rest of the year. Exciting huh? Well, it’s really grown and changed over the years and it is now something much more than it’s beginnings.

On Sunday at midnight all the classes rush the quad and cover the grass (completely sacrilegious) and the student center in our class color decorations. The next few nights, each class throws a party in the dining hall, showing their school and class spirit. There are activities such as trivia night, field day and the biggest of them all Junior Production. The junior class is made to put on a huge play about the traditions and classes and this happens on Friday night, with the presentation of class songs and class dances. It’s amazing.

But I’m forgetting the most important part – there are points. Each class is graded on their participation and execution and the winning class gets MAJOR bragging rights. And well, that’s just fabulous.