“Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone.”

– The Dhammapada


This week was the first week of my last fall semester of undergrad. WHAT?!?! The funny thing is, though, that it’s been a whirlwind of absolute joy. I’m starting a job that I absolutely love doing, I was offered an internship for credit toward my major, both senior projects I’m working on are absolutely. without doubt. exactly. what I want to do. I’m also figuring out who my friends really are, and what kind of bond has been formed over the last three years, going on a fourth, with some of the other beautiful, intellectual, women at my college. At times, I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have not only experienced the wonderful summer that I did, growing creatively and becoming so refreshed that I’m practically glowing (according to one of my professors), but to also feel so ready for my senior year. How many people give in to senioritis before the year only starts? I don’t want to do that. I want to have the most amazing year ever…and for me that doesn’t only involve spending time with my friends, it involves achieving and pushing myself farther.


Here’s to a wonderful year!


Love, B



the birch trees outside of Tate Modern, London, UK



I wasn’t able to post any pictures while I was abroad because I was working from an ipod and couldn’t get my photos onto my ipod to post. That being said, I wanted to share some on this blog, so every now and again look out for a photo or two and a short story about my adventure.

I’m back in Atlanta now, but I feel different. I’ve been feeling different ever since I got back to the states just three¬†weeks ago. Maybe different isn’t the right word. Maybe the word is better. Better than what, though? I don’t even remember. I’m happy to be here though, happy to be starting school, happy to get to impact my dancing and my writing with all the things I’ve learned.

On writing, I’ve learned this:

The purpose of poetry is to remind us how difficult it is to remain just one person, for our house is open, there are no keys in the doors, and invisible guests come in and out at will.

welcome back


Hello all! I have returned! And now what shall I write about?

As I am on a slight time crunch and have ten million things I need to do today I’ll make a list called reasons why I wish I were in the UK and not Florida right now

  1. It’s too hot/humid/disgusting to go outside here
  2. I’m SOOOO over processed food
  3. Life is faster, yet less stressful
  4. Did I mention that it’s too freakin’ muggy here?
  5. I miss listening to people speaking in English accents
  6. Public transportation and loads of walking, enough said.
  7. Mumford and Sons, Jamie Oliver, and Jane Austen. For realz.
  8. Please, mind the gap between the train and the platform. Politeness.
Love, B